PVC banner is known to be a good tool for advertising, promotion, or simply getting your messages across. But have you ever thought about how is it made? In this article, you will learn about the simple steps of how a PVC banner is produced.

Firstly, the design is required. The design for a PVC banner can be done by several designs software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. This step is very important because it plays a great role in determining the quality of the outcome. The images chosen for the banner needs to be in high quality so that in the end, your banner will have a sharp and crisp image. For a banner, it is recommended to have the quality standard of 300 dpi resolution to ensure crystal clear outcome. The printing service will usually check it for you, but in case it doesn’t, you have to remember to do it yourself.

Next, after the design is satisfying enough, it is time to really get the banner made. The printing service will get you the PVC material for the banner. For PVC material itself, there are several choices that can be chosen, such as using either PVC laminated material, which is cheaper but has lower quality, or a PVC coated polyester that is more durable since it is professional-grade, however slightly costs more than the other option.

A PVC banner is then printed with a large format digital printer. It is a printer that is capable of handling a large printing data, even up to 5 GB for one banner. It is also, of course, capable of handling the large PVC stock in one pass. It only takes several minutes for one banner to be a printer with this type of printer. However, it is not the end step in banner making said Kiasuprint.

After the printing process is done, comes the process of hemming. Although not all printing service does this. Hemming process is where the edges of the banner are folded and secured with tape to hide the color bleed around the edges of the banner so that it looks better in the end. Hemming also reinforces the part of the banner that will experience the most strain during the moment it is hung.

After hemming, the banner goes through the process of eyeleting. Adding eyelets or grommets means adding metal rings so that you can easily pass a banner tie through it to hang a banner wherever you want it to be.

Printing services vary in quality they can produce for you, as well as the price they offer. You must ask them what they can do for you, especially for extra services like hemming and adding eyelets because someplace only go as far as the printing process. Although it may cost you less money, it will cause you more difficulty in the future. It is better to spend a little more money on printing services that are willing to offer you the best service and providing you with the highest quality banner result.