Prior to company registration in Singapore, one must get their name approved by the Singaporean Government. Unlike the company registration process and the laws associated with it, the Singaporean government provides permission to the company owner to select a name. The company name can be selected only after receiving permission from the Government. However, this process is less time consuming and is mostly completed instantaneously. But it gets slower when one includes certain words like law, bank, finance, and media in the name of their company. Including any one or more of these words will make the approval process slow this is because the Government of Singapore will require to record extra approvals for such company names. To avoid any unnecessary delay one might consider removing these words from their company name in case they include one. 

One can run a company registered under Singaporean laws but not live in Singapore. The person does not require a visa from Singapore instead he or she can get a visitor visa to check-in to his company. This is best for short-term visits. However, the company must have a directory who mandatorily resides in Singapore. An Entrepreneur Pass or an Employment Pass is necessary to run a company in Singapore. One can gather more information on these passes from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. Using these passes one can act as a local nominee director and operate the company in Singapore. 

The virtual office offers a business a physical address and other services associated with the office. It cuts down the hectic things like long leases, re-application of leases and administrative employees of an office, etc. Due to virtual offices staffs and employees of a company can now work from any place but keep utilizing a messaging service, phone service, carry out phone answering, have meeting rooms, do video conferences and much more similar activity with much flexibility. The price of these works and other activities of an office are also reduced to a great extent. 

Small businesses and start-ups are mostly attracted to virtual offices. They are the maximum users of this office. The development of web-based office and creation of productivity software and services like video conferencing has made this practice even more popular. The virtual offices are often seen to deliver greater results and better productivity as the employees do not have to get indulged in any form of administration and similar task. The employees save much time as they do not have to commute to the office. They can use this time and put in some extra effort in their office work.