At Kiasu Print, we love to produce quality stickers and also disclose the complete stories behind the creation of every sticker. Stickers are in great demand, and even we are surprised by the huge volume of promotional stickers created while we go through the list of requirement. A sheer volume of the sticker is produced for advertisement and promotional purpose, and we are producing lakhs of stickers on a regular basis. 

Sticker printing is quite an easy process, and the price differs depending on the quality. Cheap sticker printing is for lower quality stickers whereas the price increases with increasing quality. The sticker can be customized as per customer requirement and most companies producing and creating stickers offer this facility to their customers. 

Many people and companies have been using stickers in the past and also tend to use them in the future. They must know few interesting facts about the process of making sticker as this will help them in choosing the best quality and most suitable sticker for their organization. 

There are various types of materials used to create a sticker. There are a variety of materials present in the market, but the creators or producers choose as per the requirement list of their customers. Budget is also an important factor. Hence one’s budget decides the quality of the material. If a customer has a high budget then it obvious that the quality of the materials used will be of higher quality. This, in turn, will ensure the final product is durable and eco-friendly. The litho stock is the most used material and is very popular in the sticker production industry. The Litho stock got its name from lithography printing. The stickers produced using this material is affordable and pocket-friendly. It is made of paper and hence is not water resistant. If required one can ask for a coating over it or can even go without a coating. 

Self-ink stamps are very popular in the market as they are budget-friendly. It can print 7000 or even more stamps once it is refilled. Some interesting facts about self-inked stamps are as follows 

  • They are capable of printing a huge quantity of stamps 
  • One just needs give it a simple press to make it work. 
  • It can be handled roughly as it is damage resistant thus it is best for heavy usage. 
  • It comprises different types of inks that help in the time of re-inking periodically.  
  • Once inked these self inking stamps can make about 7000 stamping impressions before the ink needs to be refilled.  
  • One can re-fill the self-inked stamp on their own as it is quite easy to refill. 
  • The quality of the impression is high. 

The surprising increases in the use of stickers have enhanced the conditions of the companies and organization associated with sticker printing. Most of them have experienced an increase in their sales over the last few years. Using stickers for promotions and advertisements have become a trend in the present years.