Awarding someone or an institute with a certificate for an achievement that they get is something that is appropriate and often done. It is important because sometimes certification does not only prove as something that acknowledges people or organizations for their achievement but also to provide evidence for others of their achievement. In some cases, this is important, for example for an organization if they have complied with certain production requirements and standardization. The certification is given so that they can assure stakeholders of their credibility in production and commitment in complying with regulations.

That’s why certification printing has become very important as well. It needs to look good, but it also has to be durable.

Here are a few tips on how to make a certification look better and more attractive upon printing.

1. Embossing

You can choose to add embossing as a finishing touch after printing out the certification. Embossing gives off a different feel upon touch and it looks good too. But you have to understand that not all parts of a certification look good embossed, so limit yourself to certain critical parts only so that you can emphasize on that one. Remember to always use it sparingly so that you can ensure that the certification looks good.

2. Metallic Foil Stamping

Metallic foil stamping is also known as hot foil stamping. It is also a type of finish that you can choose for certificate printing in Singapore. Before you use metallic foil stamping, you have to first decide the part(s) of the certificate that you want to use it on. For example, you can choose to use a metallic foil stamp on a certain part of the text in the certification, an image, or any specific shape such as the logo of the company.

A metallic foil stamp works by stamping a heated die onto a piece of paper. This heated die will leave la pronounced sheen, making the surface of the paper look smoother than a metallic ink. The paper will look shiny and glimmering, adding more value to it and making it look more expensive.

3. Metallic Ink

If metallic foil stamp is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you can try out metallic ink to print out certain parts of your certification. It lacks luster compared to the metallic foil stamp, but it still looks a lot better than the CMYK colors produced from basic four-color processing. A metallic ink, as the name goes, contains a slight amount of metal, making it able to give off a shiny look. The kind of metal in this type of ink could be either aluminum, zinc, copper, or even bronze. It is quite a good choice because it is easier to design with this type of ink instead of foil stamping, and it is also cheaper too.

4. Don’t Be Stingy On Papers

It is good to save money, but it is very good to put your certification design onto the best quality paper so that you can make it look great.  There are papers out there that look expensive and elegant yet don’t cost much, so try to opt for that choice instead of paper skimping.